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Large units – special units – special design

Engineering for specific requirements

The standard adsorption dryer series are design to fundamentally meet all international technical speci cations. This makes the local required approvals and authorization easy to complete. EVERAIR works together with vessels manufactures who have extensive approvals and certi cations. This makes it easy to implement special vessel approvals such as ASME u-stamp (USA), TR TS (Russia), and SELO (China).

Maximum flexibility

Compliance with factory standards

Compliance with individual factory standards is also part of a day‘s work when handling projects. All of the components used can be modi ed or replaced to suit any customer requirements. Internal electrical and control system engineering, along with in-house control panel construction, guarantee maximum exibility to implement every customer requirement smoothly.

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Due to the experience of EVERAIR ’s engineering team in design and project handling of large and special systems,EVERAIR GmbH is also first address to contact for improvement of already installed systems. The engineering team is specialized particularly in what are known as heat-of-compression dryers, recovering the heat generated by the compressor for regeneration. While in standard solutions, the normal design with two vessels is used,EVERAIR GmbH has implemented the concept of a 3-vessel design for large flow rates into the product portfolio on the basis of its unique expert knowledge with such systems.

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